Carla 2 by flyte
The Flying Swinger by fronteras
The red chair story by daliaa
A New Day Has Come by eggysayoga
tenderness by kostanashvili
Time in the mirror by fabiosozza
Finally relaxed by AthanasiouPhotography
Old Pals by JT74
Chill Dog by GreenCopperz
Birthday Girl by Alexorciser
Rising Damp by peteranthonyrollings
Dune Chair by gideon_williams
the Hipster by bendikstalheim
The Book by louisloizidesmitsu
Forsaken Forte by ntgreen
Daniel II, 2017 by daniel_anhut
the Pending Game by bendikstalheim
Chair by dimaou
paradise by Antonio_Leao
After the Champaigne by YouAreHereToRiskYourHeart
On the beach of Sørfjorden by dmytrokorol
Fire News by Elijah_sad
Abandoned Swimming Pool by Helen_Mountaniol
Bookworm by tylerrobertoxley
Lynsey by phillipfrench
AdirondackWide by tomato1236
Jomtien Beach by ramo808
Chair by Sokology
Bygone Days by KevinGPhotography
-Chair- by ErikChavez
Enjoying the Leaves  by MarissaJane
Selfportrait from last week.
Retouched in Lr and Ps.  by nicklashjelm