Smoldering like embers by ScorpioOnSUP
Shasta's Morning Light by Smi77y
Standing Tall by larrybeard
California Morning Views by teddymorrow
_MG_9486 by dKi_Photography
Sunset at Shark's Tooth Cove by jimwatkins
Windmills and Milky ways by rhmimages
Breath by uldericoimages
A Lonely Road in the Fall by DonHoekPhoto
Take a Peak by patrickprager
Optimal Opportunity by uldericoimages
"Awake" by ericbennett
Along the Merced by JASoliday
Sierra Reflections by David_Blakley_Photography
Firefall by tommytnguyen21
Solitude by blairwacha
Redwoods by KPierce90
Yosemite in Autumn by kathymuhle
Mono Lake Sunset by jimdelillo
Pfeiffer Beach, Doors of Perception by shuttersclose
Cement Ship by Zendojo
Grizzly Falls by dbarile
House in the Woods by dbarile
3 min exposure across from Mcway falls. by tylerryant
Through the Woods by thomasupton
Milky Way over Bristlecone by mikewetzel
Two Bridges by ChibaBob
Salton Sea by corwinprescott
Fire in the Hole by Daniel-Photography
Grizzly Falls by dbarile
Siblings by menxcuizon