Sun set at Old Bagan by Nuttawut
Face of Cambodia by Msmp
Mountains, Monastery and Mongolia by p-jtaylor
Bedsa caves by adsnim
IMG_1262 by jonvandyck
Reflection of Angkor Wat sunrise by gabetaviano
Home God Festival No. 1 by IanLiptonPhotography
Buddhist Statue, Buddhist University, Mandalay, Myanmar by fredstein
Giant Buddha in Jiangkou by daviddutrisac
a shrine by tmlakshmi
Buddhist dorje vajra by BlackThumbPhoto
Lady praying at Temple in Tibet China by AsokanPhotography
Buddhist Monk by jamiemitchell
Tree of Life by aaronkaka
Conishead Buddhist Temple & Priory by RichardAdams137
Ayutthaya. by petergleeson
Buddhist Selfie. by Click_Here
Standing Buddha by fredstein
Cute Thai Kids at Temple by johngreene
Prayer after dawn by csaszarj
Kinkaki-ji by dikomashungu
Stupas by bpoimbeauf
Shanti stupa by garimabhaskar
Serene Buddha by fredstein
Devotion by occasionalclimber
Symmetry with a Buddhist Cat by attiladeak
Sunset at Angkor Wat, Cambodia by fredstein
Window On Thai Architecture by AlixLee
Monk at work by soniasquicciarini
Shwedagon pagoda by hantun
Rippled Refelections of Pink flowers in the Pond of a Japanese garden by 5thGatePhotography
Fire cerimony by MattBre