Blue Jay by ClintJohnsonPhotos
Jay Up Close by shiningwillow1018
Birds At My Feeder by ClintJohnsonPhotos
Eastern Bluebird - Lake Livingston, Texas by VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY
Eastern Bluebird collecting food for the young.   Photographed  3-27-2019. Livingston, Texas by VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY
A Blue Jay by ClintJohnsonPhotos
Eastern Bluebird  by VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY
Eastern Bluebird love feeders stocked with meal worms.  by VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY
Arkansas Birds by ClintJohnsonPhotos
Birds at my feeder by ClintJohnsonPhotos
The Peace of Nature  by grantpankratz
Blue Jay  (Cyanocitta cristata)....Livingston, Texas by VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY
Bluejay by ChelseaLaneCreations
Blue Grosbeak - Sabine Woods, Port Arthur, Texas 4-20-2019 by VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY
Photo  by sherrysloan
Jay by Keefyboy
Blue jay by DarrenjdDelorme
Blue Jay Taking Off by candiscamera
Sunlit Blue Jay by beckykempf
Blue Jay by ClintJohnsonPhotos
Jay by MarkyWilliamsPhotography
To early by whitedeer
 Blue Jay - Lake Livingston, Texas by VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY
Blue Jay Landing by candiscamera
Blue Jay by ClintJohnsonPhotos
Woodland Blue Jay by deannefortnam
Blue Jay Reflection by Tanya333
Blue on Blue by deannefortnam
Fall bliss by AnneDphotography
Blue jay looking for red can you see him by LizCphotography
Blue Jay on Nikon Camera by candiscamera
Blue Jay at Dawn by Tanya333