Curves by jaybirmingham
Joanna by basiapawlik
Saying Goodbye by Squig
Chicken Shack by ssshoot
Birmingham by MarcoDamianPhotography
Ken the Runner by nolen1957
In the spotlight by SteveCrampton
Christmas market part 2  by adlindsay
Ancient Horns by Archangel72
Livia by JCBRAVO
The Canal in Birmingham by Stravinsky
Western Princess by JCBRAVO
Easter Is Upon Us by Squig
For those who have given by Squig
Peaky blinders style by DuffyPhotos
Broad Street Tunnel by paulatchinson
 Vulcan Statue in Birmingham, AL by Beneaththeskylines
Beautiful Nature by Squig
The Malt House by shaundavis65
Brindley Place by shaundavis65
Lickey Hills by shaundavis65
Tough job by jonathanbartlett
DTA End of Season Show by ssshoot
Black 1 (One) by xmaphoto
St Philip's Cathedral by shaundavis65
Naturale by JCBRAVO
Selfridges by fightthelight
Playing with fire by gracewillmott
Blue Nights by JCBRAVO
Who are you looking at by GraemeCamera