Holly by fightthelight
Bringing the Heat by SuperT22
Have Mercy On The Working Man by Squig
Selfridges Skybridge by Walks
The floozie by SteveCrampton
IMG_8633b by danielsturley
Alexandria by JCBRAVO
IMG_1991 copy by gazzman
Synchro-dog by AlStewart56
Selfridges by fightthelight
Ballet in the streets  by JCBRAVO
Cynthia  by JCBRAVO
Double Up On The Light by MarcoDamianPhotography
relieving stress by moonpainter
Bridal Shoot by abilewis
Alice  by JCBRAVO
Mohammed by dotcomjohnny
Molten Pig Iron by Squig
Name Dropping by EddieGremlin
The Man In The Street by peterjackson_7869
090823-a380-bhx-12 by AlStewart56
Owl Soul  by JCBRAVO
Fort Dunlop by fightthelight
furious clouds by EndlessMinusone
reflections of old and new by KateBarry
Tunnel by philbailey
IMG_7416b by danielsturley
The Bullring, Birmingham by hayleywhitby
Lake Pendigo by fightthelight