Dubrovnik Wall Walk by angiesimpson
Bell tower in Reschensee(Lago di Resia) by alindinu
Bell tower mystery by dmitriydubovtsev
Bell Tower & Fountain by michaelglascock
Shireoaks Church by trishzimmerman
The naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (Stavropigial Nicholas Naval Cathedral of Kronstadt), St. Petersburg. The bell towers and the roof with anchors. Photo 12. by Andrew08
Russian ethnographic park “Bogoslovka”. Nizhne-Uftyugsky Country Churchyard Belltower,1670 and Pokrovskaya church, 1708. Photo 06. by Andrew08
Country Church by sallyG11
Russian ethnographic park “Bogoslovka”.  House of the peasant E.A.Kostin, 1871,  Pokrovskaya church, 1708, The Chapel of the Holy face, XIXth – XXth, Nizhne-Uftyugsky Country Churchyard Belltower, 1670. Photo 09. by Andrew08
For Whom the Bell Tolls by nina050
View for part of the Old of Tallinn and for the Baltic sea. by Andrew08
Big Ben by MickAlicic
Church and steeple by Livphoto3
San Xavier Mission Bell Tower by 1Ernesto
Russian ethnographic park “Bogoslovka”. Pokrovskaya church, 1708, and Nizhne-Uftyugsky Country Churchyard Belltower,1670. Photo 01.  by Andrew08
thickets of mallow by Egoryan
Decorative detail of belfry by Bastetamon
Orthodox Church, Bar, Montenegro by ratherton
PIAZZA NAVONA by estercastillo08
Bell tower mystery by dmitriydubovtsev
Winter landscape 12 by livioferrari
Venice, a poetry.. by claudiorussa
United Methodist Church by AlienMoonBaby
Church of St.Simon and St.Jude by alef0
Ruins by livioferrari
Santorini and Up by KayBrewer
Decorative detail of belfry by Bastetamon
63 by AlexanderGornikiewicz
The Bell Tower Perth by janetpearce
Cathedral Walkway by dtiger2k
Slice of paradise by heinrichV
Rambling Ruins - Morella by MyChoice