Polar Bear Reflection by paaluglefisklund
Happy Mama Bear by anitarossview
Polar Bear Scratch  by tomingramphotography
The Stare by jimsteeves
IMG_5689 by fotki54
Mission Accomplished! by pattilarsonphotos
Jumping Polar Bear by ericbettens
Baby Black Bear by AlaskaPinesPhotography
A happy childhood by natalyapryadko
A little wet? by chrisreichard
Brown bear’s family. by Sergio_Saavedra
Guardian of the Clam by questforwildlife
The Waltz- by KarieLeFebvre
polar bear by TillyMeijer
Sibling Tussle by jimsteeves
Baby bear by Uni_so
Smooth Falls by FalconEddie
Polar Bear Cub by Canuk-Images
Bearback by kathyvid
Like a boss by ZsoltPuskas
In search of dentist and tic tac by katemontague
Clamming upright by ccpence
Yawning by JingruLuo
I Love you Mom by TrekLightly
"Mine" by SunBear22222
Swampy Hart  by ShaanC
Yogai by BlackRockPhoto_PaulSmith
Polar bear by TillyMeijer
Focusing diagonally by Gahpir
Casper and Mom by jimsteeves
The Long And Winding Road by ZevSteinhardt