Northern Light in Ersfjordbotn by Lorenzoragazzi
Dreammaker at Londrangar by Tor-Ivar
Aurora by gijscollet
Magical Night by BRIN
Real Magic by maximletovaltsev
Rossfjord - Northern Norway by JKBPhotography
Aurora Borealis in Iceland by carmenioneanu
The Pas, Manitoba by rejeanbrandt
Alien´s Head by Jan_Smid_MQEP
Waves of inspiration by dieterberghmans
Derelict Dakota beneath the Aurora by SueLeonardPhotography
sky is on fire by Eventyr
Vestrahorn by Brian_Lichtenstein
[ … back light ] by raymondhoffmann
Ersjford,norway by Eventyr
Trilled Songs of Heaven Bird by Jan_Smid_MQEP
aurora lit plane wreck by simonmigaj
Night Fire over Vestrahorn by jasonjhatfield
Polar Disco by lmr337
Escaping Madness by leonardoguglielmopapra
Aurora Night Sky by KimNordbyPhotography
Sunset in the Green Robe by Jan_Smid_MQEP
Evergreen by robamsbury
 Vestrahorn Night  by MaurizioCasulaPhoto
The Rock   by Jonrunar
-Aurora- by ErikChavez
The dragon by Eventyr
Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck by jamesrushforth
Vestrahorn under Aurora attack by Jonrunar
The Tower by RuneBjornsen
Reflecting  by valeriasig
The Dome by SiggiPhoto