A Picnic Under the Stars  by WesleyLiikane
Mont-M├ęgantic Milky Way Arc (featuring the Grand Andromeda Galaxy) by fredbeaupre
Milky Way over the Missouri River 14mm 3 min Jun 25 2017 by jeffsav
Clouds and stars by jeffnewton
Black Mesa at night by MsToots
Lincoln County Milky Way by jeffnewton
Biscuit Basin Milky Way! by nitinjsanket
Three Sisters at Night by WesleyLiikane
Blue Mesa Milky Way waterside by jeffnewton
Perseid and the lighthouse  by royhowarth
Summer nights.  by KathrynHayes
Rapaki Wharf by Peterg85
Ye Old General Store by WesleyLiikane
Sulby Reservoir by BrookWassall
Mountains and Mist by WesleyLiikane
Milky Way Arch Acadia National Park by NatalieRCote
The Tree of Milk by StaffordPhotography307
Take in the Light by WesleyLiikane
private universe by DeSelby
Aurora Australis and Airglow 29 July 2016 by daniellame
Desert camping by amandathorntondewitt
Fire in the Sky by vincentledvina
Aurora, are you there? by GogeiD
Watching the Milky Way Rise by WesleyLiikane
Icy Moon by GogeiD
Wonder by BrookWassall
Black Mesa Milky Way and Airglow by MsToots
pink air glow by andrewklapton
The World Turns by mapletea
A rock and a hard place by yo13dawg