Tree of life by JADUPONT
Thirsty Trio by Memoriee
Baby Ellie by Wim_Moons
Mother Love For Her Lion Cub by KayBrewer
Tiger Moth sparkels  by leonhugo
Tsavo Elephant by rheebird
Attack! by lmr337
Safety in numbers by Catfish_Photography
IMG_73204_jpg  Sand Sand  by Paulacook144
Come To Me by JDay
Male Lion by calebshepard8
Circle of Life by Nabumbo
Angry when Hungry! by lessysebastian
Brothers in arms by YvonnevanderMey
Close up of an African wild dog by Giulia_avanzi
Cat Wash by irisbraun
Wildebeest gathering by vjose
The Chase by Forrest_Brown
20070718_Tanzania_0232-232 by kgarrett11
Dining  Leopard by RDVPhotography
Ellies at play by truetolifephotography
Rain Day by senanic
Nature sharing by luttymoreira
cheetah yawn by seejanebird
Serengeti way by giovannivolpe
Sound the trumpet by DrCheema
Wild workout by Sumaries
Possessive look by silvanomartincigh
Yellow Bird - seems Sparrow playing with stem by shamsamir
Lion Reflections  by laurajane_1735
Cheetah cubs by Mikeirelandphotography
Sunrise on Kilimanjaro by senanic