Hair by Toddhphy
Three Trees by JohnHPhotography
Phattalung Milky Way by Kamsing
Test shot of Cassie taken with my new Sony A7RIII.  by jasongrover
Before The Storm  by JohnHPhotography
Three Tree Star Trail by JohnHPhotography
Evening natural light.  by Toddhphy
Paris by MyTakeOnTech
The Stairway by JohnHPhotography
Perfect smile by Toddhphy
The Misty Moonlight by MyTakeOnTech
Beauty by Toddhphy
Tinkerbell by JosiahMendoza
Dana Blue by MyTakeOnTech
Porsche GT4 by MyTakeOnTech
Prepared by Joepx
lonesome iceberg by simonmigaj
DSC03506 by petermuilman
Zebra by MyTakeOnTech
Retro hat by Toddhphy
DSC03565 by petermuilman
Photo  by petermuilman
DSC03802 by petermuilman
The hat by Toddhphy
Photo  by petermuilman
Icelandic Church by MyTakeOnTech
Rain by chrischeek
Been editing this for a few weeks here and there now;- decided to go with B/W to accentuate the reflective shine the sun had on the Chrysler building this morning. Needless to say- NY in the mornings is always a special kind of beautiful. Sony A7Riii | f  by benjaminkoh
Photo  by petermuilman
DSC03863 by petermuilman
DSC03777 by petermuilman
DSC03981 by petermuilman
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