Week_2_of_52_Traditional_Landscape by CliffordPugliese
Cedar Creek Grist Mill by davelord
_DSC8105-Pano by CliffordPugliese
A Little Peace by KatPagett
wk8 The Rickhouse by BHPhotography_1291
Safe & Secure by KatPagett
Red by rinkarnatz
Deer Park by BHPhotography_1291
August Valley by KatPagett
A Distraction of Pigeons by KatPagett
Self Portrait (Dogwood 52 Week Challenge) by RemoteDepictions
Bodyscape by BHPhotography_1291
Yellow by BHPhotography_1291
Week 13 Dogwood Photo Challenge 2018 - Leading lines. #dogwood2018 #dogwood52 #dogwoodweek13 #dogwood2018week13 by jasoncashio
Early Morning Embrace by KatPagett
Flax In Bloom  by KatPagett
Week 14: Triptych by smnbgr
End of the Day by KatPagett
shadows_01Mar16_1405 by krisdan
Week 15: Rule of Space by smnbgr
Swedish Church by BHPhotography_1291
Preparations  by JanisGeidePhotography
Week 8: Zoom Burst by smnbgr
Week 13: Leading Lines by smnbgr
Week 17: Humour by smnbgr
Lone Tree by rinkarnatz
Ginger by clcart2018
Week 11: Negative Space by smnbgr
Orange on Green by mondaynight
Week 3: Full Manual by smnbgr
Week 19: Edge Cut Sun by smnbgr
Week 7: Fill the Frame by smnbgr
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