Glacier Torre by AlejandroFerrand
Fitz Roy 207 by Foto-Hausdoerfer
Falls Love by Federico_Pinna
The crested caracara. Was so nice to see these bird from really up close by jorisput
Alpenglow on Fitz Roy by WildConnectionsPhoto
Chimango caracara by Pauldc1
the rising of an Iceberg by hedgehunter
Very heavy Storm over Lake Frias by Foto-Hausdoerfer
Fitz Roy by Night  by Federico_Pinna
DSC_0500 Ruta 41 by Skcharlie
The Threads of Life by ansharphoto
The Road To Fitz Roy by WildConnectionsPhoto
Amidst icy spires by clifffawcett
Any given sunset by andreatorselli
Hidden Falls by markalanandre
Rio De las Vueltas in the Morning by ansharphoto
Fitz Roy by damonbeckford
Perito Moreno Glaciar by tomthurstan
Karakara 17 by Foto-Hausdoerfer
In the Waters of Lethe by ansharphoto
"Old man" and a woman by MIsabel
3EF6D17F-E1BA-4599-BFDE-001E91014216 by Sinperdon75
Glaciar Perito Moreno 2019-2 by MarcosLozada
Fitz Roy Sunrise by markalanandre
The Fitz Roy. A must do in the Argentinian Andes. A rewarding 11km hike brings you at the base of the mountain. by HaGee
Ops, a finger... by MIsabel
Fitz Roy Refletion by markalanandre
Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre in the Morning by ansharphoto
PREVALATION OF MORENO   This is probably one of the most challenging images I have taken since starting landscape photography over almost 20 years. To capture this mass of advancing ice is such a difficult task and only being there in person can one respect its power and beauty. I opted for a more intimate take here, not only to have a piece of unique art very different to others that have shot here, but to perceive the power that it prevails in a single image. Boarding one of the vessels was certainly an advantage to get up close and personal. Not only was this an image that I spent days on in post production, tweaking the tonal values and light just to make it shine and feel dimensional. I hope that you enjoy it.  If you are interested in going to this place among other epic scenes in Patagonia, I head workshops there in collaboration with photographer Ed Rhodes and Kawen Expeditions Argentina. Please post me a line for April 2021. by mattbishopphotography
Chimango caracara by Pauldc1
Los Andes by manu_em_photo
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