Copper by ShaneD2
P-80 Shooting Star by TedCobbett
Too Cheeky by The-Art-of-Darkness
Gold Snake Glowing Neckless   #026 of 365 by gregedwards
Chefkitten Red Dress, #042 of 365 by gregedwards
Orangutan  by robbyticknor
Veni Vidi Vici by The-Art-of-Darkness
Tomato Hornworm by robbyticknor
Malcom by hanyhossam
"Madonna" (Pt ii) Viewbug Edit by The-Art-of-Darkness
Chefkitten red dream, #1 of Red and Hearts week,  #040 of 365 by gregedwards
Swimming Pool at Dusk by Cirrus
Narada Falls Detail 3 on 20170824, day 6 of waterfalls by gregedwards
Elterwater (Vibrant Edit) by The-Art-of-Darkness
The River Brathay (Vestige of Beauty Edit) by The-Art-of-Darkness
Snow Snow Snow by markhinds
Yellow Chiffon 3  #055 of 365 by gregedwards
Sunflower by robbyticknor
Rock at Sunset - Park Ave, Arches NP 20171101   #326 of 365 by gregedwards
Gray Wolf  by The-Art-of-Darkness
Fungi out of a fallen tree by robweir
Bodyscaped Canyon Wall and Yellow Leaves. Canyon de Shell,y #5,  #307 of 365 by gregedwards
Multnomah Falls Oregon 20170817  by gregedwards
Red Chiffon 3a,  #057 of 365 by gregedwards
Fire Rope Dart by robbyticknor
Seascape by hanyhossam
Cheetahs eating a duck by robbyticknor
Komodo dragon by robbyticknor
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