Angry Look by aniloc111
Sunsets by sugarsney
Dama de la noche by NININ
3 Ducks together by JAMI_NERISSE_14
Rocky island  by JAMI_NERISSE_14
Up close  by JAMI_NERISSE_14
DSC_0335 by kathleens1900
DSC_0905 by garryholloway
DSC_0402 by stuntmandan
Leo and a penguin by clairefreckleshenson
DSC_0850 by _jo36
January sunrise ... by livmar
Dune running by nicobotha
Over the Black Sea by oanaadriana
Fern by kathleens1900
Full moon over Stockholm City by KimAnkerstedt
 i'm all ears..... by livmar
Dubai Metro by stefankreutschmann
Kayaking Houhora Heads by thomaslauder
 scary movie ! by livmar
Solitude.. by TrayNix
DSC_1551 by carolejohnson
Lone flower by JAMI_NERISSE_14
Candel Light by pyemaw
Delicate detail by JAMI_NERISSE_14
DSC_000001 (7) by Trevorpearman
Mezquita del Saladino by Rocytp
Flowers Yellow by chrisilett
DSC_0019 by AlderTA
DSC_0054~2 by billyhodgson
Meditation by KimAnkerstedt