IMG_0087 by pauldelaney_6758
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Rain Cloud out at Sea by Wills1970
LUGB3618 by cindiwalters_7260
Millie1 by steverackley
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Delta Ponds in Eugene, Oregon.  by TakeAChancePhotography
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Tree tops  by Aaron11
Horizon by mpeligro
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Two Palms Up by kevwart
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Welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada by KaylaKahn1994
Riding subway by probionicman
winter sunrise  by jackiegrebby
Bar.  by Violenteye
Seagull Afternoon by cindiwalters_7260
Penelope by lovetophotograph
38A1E1A2-26D9-46AB-A45F-143FBCCD709C by Remotelazarus
rusty door by DougWhite12463
Blackwater River 3 by Niree
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Enjoy the View by jamiepeavy
Mid February Winter 9 by ronaldrsearl