Soft Lavender by Daisy00
Ottoman Princess by nancyb926
Untitled by Daisy00
2017 US Eclipse  by ahuffaker
IMG_0408 by donnacavada
White Flower by Daisy00
Stuck on You by Daisy00
More Summer Fun - Sandy Beach by Daisy00
Shy Boy by DaisyG
Wind Farm by ahuffaker
Fishing by ahuffaker
lions by nancyb926
Desert Wildflowers by ahuffaker
party dress spoiled by the rain IMG_1281_2 by john_arsenault
Young African girl 1 by David_R_Anderson
Sly Red Fox by Mmallow
Super Moon Rising by gaylesolis
Alley Cat by DaisyG
Gecko by Daisy00
"I'll save tomorrow's problems for tomorrow's me" by hunterkressler
Treasure Reflection by ahuffaker
what i would call the fusebox stairscase off of Main Street in Ellicott City, Maryland.  IMG_0263 by john_arsenault
Owl #52 by lynhope
Shadow Flag on Snow IMG_8043 by john_arsenault
IMG_08631 by aaronharris
EDITED-0765 by gaylesolis
Salt Lake Temple by ahuffaker
Whoa!! by Daisy00
Bloomin' in the Rain by Daisy00
Mellow Yellow by Daisy00
golden leaves IMG_7143 by john_arsenault