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Single Crease with curves no. 4

This series explores transforming paper into design, architecture & origami.

Creating something with my hands.
Created during the Pan...
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This series explores transforming paper into design, architecture & origami.

Creating something with my hands.
Created during the Pandemic lockdown.
“Limitless paper in a paperless age.”
Learning from others while learning on my own.
Paper made by hand.
Abstract & figurative design & form.
Paper architecture & origami.
Tradition & skill passed down & to others.

Applications: Commercial, Fine Art Prints, Corporate Art, Social Media Content & Branding (Paper Companies & Origami Organizations).

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I studied the work of Paul Jackson, Mark Bolitho, Meher McArthur, Robert J. Lang, Yoshimura, Miura, & origami creators like Yoshizawa who create beautiful & realistic butterflies. I watched origami artists on YouTube like The Origami Princess. Aydan Aghabyli, James Randolph, Keith Nabb & JeremyShaferOrigami.

These creators, paper folders & designers help inspire & educate my folding work. I would learn to fold butterflies from various opportunities found on youtube & then reinforce what I learned from various books on the subject of origami on geometric paper folding. I would also experiment with my own abstract folds, then educate myself on various practices, tips & rules found in Paul Jackson or Mark Bolitho’s books.

I studied traditional origami instructions of swans & crows found in the back of instruction booklets, or in free instructional apps & magazines. I also studied online instructions, books & apps on modular patterns like pyramids, cubes, & herringbones. Many of these patterns, designs & instructions have been seemingly handed down from one person to the next or one generation to the next. I found that patterns had different names, different folding techniques or slightly different designs, & many of them even differed from what I saw in my own head. There are multiple sources from books, magazines, to instructions found with paper & YouTubers who have differing names & instructions to make these same folds. When possible, I have given credit to any designer or have pointed to the inspiration that led me to creating these designs. If I have miss-used or missed a credit all together, please notify me & I will do my best to correct any errors & omissions. I have tried my best to give credit where credit is due.

Paper Architecture
I wanted to create more specific creases & curves focusing on architecture & design. These creases would further my discovery & understanding of Paul Jackson’s work. I studied his techniques for single folds, studying how these creases would create different patterns & designs.
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