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Behind The Lens

Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield, Warwickshire, England
Taken around 6.30pm on 17 November 2022
This event was organsied by Timeline Events. They lit the aircraft and crew using LEDs to the left and front of the aircraft.
I used the mirrorless Canon R5 with the RF L 24-70 f2.8 lens
My dad, brother and cousin all served in the Royal Air Force, and that seems to be where my love for photographing military aircraft (particuarly UK military aircraft) comes from. I also had the honour of meeting ex Wing Commander Mike Pollitt, and several other ex RAF volounteers, who keep the aircraft in tip top condition for taxi runs, which I hope to photograph later in the year. Mike piloted Vulcans during his RAF service, and pilots this aircraft during the taxi runs. He was an absoute gentleman, and it was a real privilege to meet him.
Very minimal
In my camera bag
I still use the 5D Mk IV for landscape work as I am so familiar with it. I have a variety of lenses - mostly L series, and use Lee filters for landscape work. For this sort of work I use a tripod as well.
Timeline events (UK) present many opportunities and are very good / robust in ensuring every photographer gets a chance to get the best shot. They will not tolerate individuals hogging the best spot and then not moving and that is very helpful, and fair.

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