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Sugar Glider

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Sugar Glider close-up portrait.

Sugar Glider close-up portrait.
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Runner Up in Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 86
Contest Finalist in Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 86
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nina050 ArtemisPhotography16 ChosenOne666 nathaliemedeiros DMilestogo KevinStiffler karinmcfarlane +11
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Iskander-Ulumbekov-0394 November 29, 2022
debbiespeed Ultimate
debbiespeed November 30, 2022
This is adorable!!!
photobeat December 13, 2022
well done
Alfre_Xat Ultimate
Alfre_Xat December 14, 2022
God shot
Rmay1 December 18, 2022
Congratulations on runner up for image of the month.
ismaelmarcos December 21, 2022
DebbieKMiller81 Platinum
DebbieKMiller81 September 23, 2023
So adorable
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Behind The Lens


I invited a group called Zoo-To-You to bring a number of small slow critters to my camera club for a workshop. I set up eight shooting tables with props of sand driftwood and backgrounds. I set up flash units for each station. The company had one critter handler for each station.


This was set up for an afternoon workshop. I set it up for 40 members with a rotation between the eight tables and different critters at every station. Every station had a different radio transmitter and flash controlled by the user. The critter handlers were great if an animal got tired or too rambunctious they would switch them out with a different critter. The company brought over fifty small subjects. Everything from bugs, rodents, frogs, and snakes.


I set up each station with two lights and used umbrellas because the animals would not always be in the center of the tables and shooting areas. I set up the flashes to get F 11. I used a number of different strobes owned by the club members or me.


This was a camera club event and I requested members bring tripods and either a macro lens or medium zoom lens. I told them in advance that snakes and small aggressive critters would be the subjects.


I did not have very much time to photograph the critters because I was running the event. When I saw the Sugar Glider I popped in between rotations and took a few images. I used my 90mm Tamron lens and filled the frame with the subject.


I photograph in raw and use photoshop raw converter to workflow my images. I did very little to this image crop sharpen vignette.

In my camera bag

I have Nikon cameras D750 D850 and D7100. For lenses a variety on Nikon and Tamron everything from 90mm macro to 150-600 zoom. This was a camera club workshop so I had to prepare for a variety of camera skill levels and lenses.


I love photographing a variety of critters and try to set up a posing prop for them so that they are comfortable and isolated from mergers and clutter. With critters or pet photography patients is important.

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