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This woman...just wow. What a dream to photograph. Even when goofing around!

This woman...just wow. What a dream to photograph. Even when goofing around!
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Rmay1 May 18
Congratulations on receiving an honorary mention in Accessories lover contest.
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Behind The Lens

A year before, the couple had spent a holiday weekend at a beautiful mid century home on the rolling hills of Walla Walla, WA, and gotten engaged in the perfect golden sunset with the fields glowing around them. They went back later to have their wedding in the same magical place.
This was golden hour - you can see the glow in the fields behind her - but we were in the soft even shade of the old trees on the farm. The light was beautiful.
I got lucky? The fields were so bright but she was soft, muted shade - and it just worked. Even though she was in the shade, she was facing the direction the light was coming from, and that made all the difference in shadows and evenness.
I was carrying two cameras with two different lenses - but grabbed my D850 with my trusty 50mm Sigma ART 1.4 lens - it's a dream combo. I love the Sigma ART series so very much.
It was magic hour. The sun was sinking, portraits had actually wrapped, and while walking towards the reception, a bridesmaid handed her the glasses for a cute photo "for the gram," and I snapped a shot, too. This was that shot. It was just a moment of levity and fun.
I wanted a soft, vintage look to this - so I did filter it a little, to mute the tones and really soften her (already amazing porcelain) skin. But the photo needed very little work. It was one of those shots where you look at the back of your camera and you know you nailed it immediately.
In my camera bag
For a wedding it's: D850, D800, three Sigma ART lenses (135, 50, 24), Nikon 80-400, two Nikon flashes (SB 900s), extra batteries, plenty of memory, chargers, phone and chargers, lens cloths, Snickers bar, sugar free gatorade. The D850 and my Sigma 50 or 135 are my favorite combo.
Be available! I was literally walking to the reception, but I was still paying attention to all the little moments happening around me. If I had been chimping at the back of my camera, reviewing family photos, I wouldn't have noticed the interaction between the bridesmaid and the bride, goofing around with these sunglasses. This was just a cute photo they were taking to upload to social media. But I was ready, equipment in hand, paying attention, and was able to say "My turn! Give me that smile!" and yell "GORGEOUS!!!" when I hit the button. And then we kept walking to the reception. It was just a fleeting moment - but one of my favorite from the day.

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