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Keara73 July 26, 2022
Wow! Fantastic
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in a butterfly garden of one of the local arboretums in Minnesota.
This photo was taken early morning before the sun had made it too far overhead. I wanted to be able to capture colors as well as shadows and figured this was the best time.
Natural light was all that was used for this photo.
This photo was captured using my pocket camera that I carry in my gear bag for quick shots. I used a Canon Powershot A2000.
I loved how the color of the butterfly blended in with its surroundings but also stood out drastically on the surface that it had landed on.
I was fortunate that this photo needed minimal post processing.
In my camera bag
Normal carry a Canon 50D, 5DMIV. Lenses depend on what I am planning on shooting that day. My usual go to setup for anything nature is my 5DMIV with a Canon EF 28-70mm. That setup has given me soo many wonderful shots. I always have my tripod and remote shutter control for when I need the extra stability and sharpness.
I have found that being able to capture butterfly photos is relative easy and fun as long as you have the patience to wait for them to land. I have spent a lot of time watching them and they are definitely constant movers. Be patient and just enjoy watching them and eventually they give you that beautiful, colorful shot.

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