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Behind The Lens

In Singapore, at the Marina Bay, facing the Art Science Museum, which is the structure around and above the sun. Impressive, great looking building, which I will share photos of another time, but in this case it was all about framing the action and the setting sun.
Just before Golden Hour started, at around 6.30 in the afternoon. It's always a great time for photography and although the area is usually pretty crowded at that time of the day and even more so during the weekend, I managed to only capture the skate boarder.
The idea was to get as much impact as possible simply using the backlight, as well as the shadows and golden colours of the sun starting to set in order to get a strong contrast and long shadows, as well as using the pillars of the building to frame the sun, as well as the skate boarder.
Sony Alpha IV with the Sony 24-70mm F2.8 GM II. Camera and lens highly recommended. The Sony Alpha IV is incredibly responsive, has great handling and autofocus and dynamic range. And the Sony 24-70mm F2.8 GM II could be the best all-in-one lens. Very versatile and paired with the Sony Alpha IV allows for stunning, handheld images at night.
I had been taking photos all afternoon, testing the Sony Alpha IV with the 24-70mm F2.8 GM II and was waiting for the I Light Singapore 2022 Light Festival to begin, for which it needs to be dark. So I picked a spot I liked that would give me the option to shoot against the sun once it started setting and simply waited people watching and observing my surroundings. Then when the skate boarded started practicing under the structure of the museum I took various shots, changing settings, until I was happy with the results.
Yes I did some post-processing, but nothing out of the ordinary. Slightly adjusted curves, highlights and shadows, as well as color tint, saturation and vibrance to emphasis the lighting I was aiming for.
In my camera bag
I actually prefer just having one or maybe two lenses with me. Even though there might always be a risk of missing out on a shot, I prefer packing light, and either improvising, or zooming by using my feet. I might only go out with a 35mm and eventually complement it with a mid-range tele. I tried out the Sony 24-70mm F2.8 GM II to see how flexible it would be as one lens to do it all and it certainly did not disappoint. The image quality is on par with plenty of prime lenses. I also always try to take into consideration what I will be focusing on when I go out to shoot, so I don't carry around gear for every occasion.
In my experience, when trying to shoot this kind of images, it's best to stay in one spot you like and just wait and observe. If you are patient you will see things worth taking photos. In this particular case it could have been a cyclist, pedestrians, a jogger, children running and playing, or like in this case a skate boarder. Constantly chasing places will more likely make you miss out, as you will be more focused on what you want to shot, what angle and what settings versus having made all those decision and simply taking in your surrounding and of course looking through your viewfinder every now and then. Go out and shoot something you like.

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