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the tree under the stars

Monta Barigazzo milky way.

Monta Barigazzo milky way.
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A well balance capture. Nice work.
AntonioPedroniPhoto PRO+
thanks Nick!
redwolf0822 Platinum
redwolf0822 Aug 31
GREAT shot
AntonioPedroniPhoto PRO+
PatriciaSostaric Ultimate

Behind The Lens

I took this panora on Mount Barigazzo near a tree very close to the top of the mountain which is part of the Italian Apennines in the province of Parma, near where I live.
Of course the photo was taken in the middle of the night, to take photos of the stars obviously the darker the better.
The light present is all natural. Due to the natural glow present in our areas (north of Italy) there is almost never a complete darkness so it is always possible with long exposures correctly carried out to recover enough light. In case there is not enough and the foregruond is dark, use the small LED panels to illuminate it
For this type of shots a tripod is absolutely essential, a full frame camera with an excellent performance on high ISO (I have a sony a7iii which is excellent for the purpose) a fast prime wideangle lens (I prefer 24mm) , and if we really want to work comfortably a panoramic head, I have a cheap one Chinese doing his job honestly anyway.
To take a pleasant photo of the Milky Way it is essential that the foreground is interesting, it seemed to me that that tree with that suffering shape created by the wind was a great subject, I hope I have achieved the purpose of creating a pleasant photo.
Unfortunately, the photos of the Milky Way in Italy have to be heavily processed to extract the stars from the background, I do a post production workflow that I improve over the years (I have been doing this type of photo for 4/5 years) which includes a different treatment of the color temperature between foreground and sky, I increase the contrast on the stars of the Milky Way to extract them and then I perform other steps that would take a long time to explain in these few lines. On darker skies all this work is probably not necessary, indeed it would be deleterious.
In my camera bag
Normally in my bag there is a wide angle zoom, camera, tripod, ND filter, but I change equipment depending on the type of photo I want to take on a given day. I never go out without a fairly precise idea in mind of the result I want to achieve and how to get it. Then it is clear that once I arrive there, there is a certain degree of improvisation but planning is very important. With photos of the Milky Way then planning is everything. I usually know exactly where I want to shoot, at what time and how. To plan I use the photopills application which I find really useful.
As I said above planning in milky way photography is everything. Then the daytime scouting of the place is important, since you go at night it is trivial but you have to know where you put your feet because at night you don't see a damn thing. Then I recommend a good headlamp, hiking shoes, long pants, a warm sweatshirt, a good photographer friend and maybe a couple of beers. Study the technique before you go, when you are on the spot you need to know exactly what to do and how to do it.

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