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Flying DEATH above my head. With z-load. Save us please!

Lugansk region, 2022, may. The photo was taken above my head in my one rainy day. You can count how much bobms this "Aligatotor" wears...W...
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Lugansk region, 2022, may. The photo was taken above my head in my one rainy day. You can count how much bobms this "Aligatotor" wears...Where tey will fall down? On Popasna or Severodonetsk...= Mariupol Azovstal 2! How many death people?!!!...How many ruins it will many blood...
The photo is one, but helicopters and airplans - no, too much. They all return again above my head without bombs yet...
Every day and every night, too many times a day...can not count. Not high above our house! It distroys the house...The low frequency sound from that iron bird destroys my house...
We are alive today, but don't know what will be next second of our life...
Equipment: Nikon D300s +Yupiter-9 f2.0 85mm (manual focus lense )+ 2x convertor for M42
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JJackRonalds Platinum
JJackRonalds June 01, 2022
Putin needs to be shot! Slava Ukraini !!!
Silentiumgrapho June 01, 2022
?????? ?????! Heroyam slava!
critique Platinum
critique June 01, 2022
Hello, I hardly know how to respond. I noted in one of your responses to my photos the UA country designation, and came back to try to verify that you are in Ukraine. As you may know, we Americans are also in war...with ourselves. We have mass shootings here all too frequently...and unnecessarily. Tragically, they're not inflicted by a foreign power such as is the case in Ukraine, but we do this to ourselves! Nevertheless, I just wanted to make contact with you. This is a case illustrating one of the main reasons that photography and posting pictures here appeals to me; it provides an opportunity for contact with people around the world who still have, perhaps, some common connection to aspects of life and values that ennoble rather than degrade the meaning of humanity. I have been watching a program on TV of a Ukrainian woman's journal of her her family is trying to survive the horrible realities of the Russian invasion of your country. I'm pained that you and your fellow citizens are suffering this horror. I wish you all a safe liberation from the terror and fear of what you're going through and hope your lives return to normal as soon as possible. Mike
Silentiumgrapho June 02, 2022
Why do You have doubts that I am really in Ukraine now? Because I don't publish only the ruins here? Sorry, I can be as war-correspondent- I can not! Too much pain for me and too dangerous! I must hide myself to stay alive! You don't understand: You never had real bombs falling down on Your head...Thank You for the support. We all only can hope that all will end soon...
AndyBug Platinum
AndyBug August 11, 2022
Good luck against Putin - Slava Ukraini !
Silentiumgrapho August 11, 2022
Heroiam slawa! Thank you for the support
MIsabel August 21, 2022
First of all, many thanks for following me, which I just reciprocated. I was surprised and look into your portfolio, stopping at this photo. You are right, it's incredible how only ONE "Aligator" can carry so many deadly cargo. What can I say? Keep safe and that this war ends soonest possible.
CURUTCHET September 23, 2022
apparently France help you , hope it is enough
Silentiumgrapho September 23, 2022
Thank you for your support
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