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rainbow carrot

taken at walmart

taken at walmart
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ToadsInTheHole February 12, 2022
Love this shot, I think there is something you can do to make this image level up.....humour me on this one......crop the right hand side so off so that pretty much all of the grey is removed. I would love to know your thoughts
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller PRO+
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller February 12, 2022
Thank you for another great suggestion, Its time to go back to Walmart to retake the picture without the gray tray and will send you the picture, see I am learning the best teacher in photography
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller PRO+
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller February 15, 2022
thank you for the suggestion you are right, it looks a lot better without the gray tray.
geertweggen June 17, 2022
Nice composition
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller PRO+
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller June 17, 2022
Thank you geertweggen
NatureLoverJJWal June 30, 2022
Perfect, i love how you arrange the colors. Congratulations on your award!
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller PRO+
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller June 30, 2022
Thank you NatureLoverJJWal
Eddieuuu071 Platinum
Eddieuuu071 July 02, 2022
Excellent color! Congratulations on the awards!
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller PRO+
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller July 02, 2022
thank you Eddieuuu071
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal July 07, 2022
Congratulations on your award, also the curators love your style. 😊
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller PRO+
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller July 07, 2022
Thank you Joviaal
stigfagerli PRO+
stigfagerli August 14, 2022
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller PRO+
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller August 14, 2022
thank you, glad you like it stigfagerli
Bazz PRO+
Bazz November 27, 2022
Great shot! Love the arrangement of colours!
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller PRO+
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller November 27, 2022
thank you, glad you like it, appreciated
Taoskitty PRO+
Taoskitty April 19, 2023
Your work is amazing and brilliant amazing and brilliant
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller PRO+
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller April 19, 2023
Thank you much appreciated Alexander Graham
afiazia May 27, 2023
Lovely carrots rainbow 💕
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller PRO+
thank you, truly appreciated
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