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alanmcmanus PRO+
alanmcmanus Jun 08
Beautiful photo of a beautiful woman!
thedesigner PRO+
thedesigner Jun 08
Thank you for your kind words. A stunning woman!!
Nice capture , it has a Ken Danby feel to it.
thedesigner PRO+
thedesigner Jun 15
Thank you. This is one of my favourites.
teodorasarbinska PRO+
thedesigner PRO+
thedesigner Aug 02
Thank you!
Mrs_Driver Aug 08
Excellent shot!! She is beautiful 💜
thedesigner PRO+
thedesigner Aug 09
Definitely a photographers muse.

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a location shoot in London featuring this beautiful model.
This particular shot was taken in the late morning during the second clothes look as this was for publication in mind. Although this was a fashion shoot this ended up as a portrait shot.
The light came from a window from the models right and was further enhanced by a 200w halogen light in a softbox. As the saying goes "Light is the photographers friend". In this case I pointed the softbox upwards and backwards to partially bounce the light of the ceiling to further soften the light behind her to pick up bacgound detail.
This shot was taken on a Canon 1DX with a 70-200mm 2.8f lens. A 200w halogen light with a softbox, as mentioned above.
This was taken during a fashion editorial shoot. Her pose at the time was perfect for a close up portrait shot. I asked my model to look right down the barrel and i took the shot, resulting in this photo with that eye contact.
As this was a portrait shot rather than the fashion one it required editing. Apart from the usual curves correction I changed the contrast to get that studio look. I then darkened the shadows to make the highlights stand out more so the viewers eyes would be drawn towards her highlighted cheek bones. I then edited her eyes by removing the veins and other disractions and slightly sharpened them. Finally I darkened and blurred the background objects so they would not distract from her face, being centre of attention. All this had to be done without losing her freckles.
In my camera bag
I have my trusty Canon 1DX, bombproof and perfectly weighted. Canon 70-200m 2.8f lens, perfect piece of leswear and built to deliver. Canon 85mm 1.2 lens, a true heavyweight and a Canon nifty fifty 1.8. On this occasion as it was an inside location shoot I also had 2 x 200w halogen studio lights with diffusers. Masking tape to keep things in place, bulldog clips to hold back the clothes. Oh! some Jaffa cakes for the model and a bottle of water. When shooting outside I usually stick to one lens on the Canon 1DX and disposable hand warmers for the model as I try to travel lightweight even if the long white lens on a 1DX stands out like a sore thumb!
Being a portrait the pose was utmost. Her arm split the picture into thirds and framed her face perfectly. Remember that the focal point has to be in focus, in this case her eyes. Luckily working with a professional model makes the whole process easier. I have been working with this model since September and we now know each others signals and styles therefore I no longer need to talk about poses but she now understands my weird finger and headnodding gestures. 3/4 face shot always works better than straigt on. Enjoy what you do.

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