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A buck with no damage to his horns. The clear winner.

A buck with no damage to his horns. The clear winner.
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Behind The Lens

The back yard of my daughter's house in rural Howard County, Maryland. Six acres surrounded by woodlands, her yard is a playground for her three children as well as a large variety of wildlife, especially deer.
This photo was taken at mid-morning
I used natural light. A slightly overcast day with sunlight filtered by scattered clouds and tree cover.
A Canon EOS Rebel T7 with telephoto lens. Handheld on with auto aperture focus.
I was helping my oldest granddaughter with her art lesson when I looked out the window of the playroom and saw a herd of deer grazing at the side of the house, almost close enough to reach out and touch. Fortunately, I had my camera handy with a telephoto lens attached and was able to take several closeup photos like this through the clean and clear glass of the large picture window.
Enhanced contrast and cropped the photo so that only the deer's head would be visible against the blurred background.
In my camera bag
My Canon T7, a regular lens, a telephoto lens, contrast filters, an auto shutter release, and a recharger for my batteries.
When doing photos of shy animals like deer from a blind, or as in this case from inside a house, don't make any sudden movements or noises and their likely to go about their business quite naturally as this fellow did. I'm sure he could see me through the window, but I didn't move much and made no noise, so he was just curious as you can see from the tilt of his head.

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