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To Gladden Hearts and Lighten Labor

Inspired by a real holiday advertisement

Model and styling Carolyn Lacasse

Model, photography and editing Marc-André Riopel
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Inspired by a real holiday advertisement

Model and styling Carolyn Lacasse

Model, photography and editing Marc-André Riopel

Concept ArtMood Visualz
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roelraadsen December 22, 2021
Awesome images. Pure ART.
Some a bit in the style of the famous Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf (
ArtMoodVisualz Platinum
ArtMoodVisualz December 25, 2021
Thanks! 😄🎄
DanielPhotographyLtd Platinum
DanielPhotographyLtd December 24, 2021
Love your work! I wish you rewards of accomplishment in 2022! I look forward to see what’s next! -Daniel
ArtMoodVisualz Platinum
ArtMoodVisualz December 25, 2021
Thank you so much! 🙏🎄🙏
leotar December 31, 2021
leotar December 31, 2021
Happy New Year!
leeanndymphnawood Platinum
I love the way the dress matches the Hoover and the bow matches the shoes. LOL
ArtMoodVisualz Platinum
Thank you so much! We thought out every detail for this image and it’s nice when people notice it ☺️🙏
TenitaSmit Apr 26
Love this themed shoot
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Behind The Lens

A friend of ours, who lived in an ancestral house that perfectly set the tone of a vintage scene, had already prepared his Christmas tree, with this pretty little train that was going around, so it was at his house that we created the scene. As the countdown to the great Christmas party had already begun, we hastily did some research on this period in order to wrap fake gifts with papers with patterns and colors respecting the trends of these years. We also managed to find some tinsel icicles to hang in our friend's Christmas tree, those famous little plastic silver stripes that were so popular in the 50s, and to top it off, we borrowed this wonderful authentic floor polisher, as the centerpiece of our story, the one that would get everyone talking once the photo was presented to the public!
As we are morning people, we arrived at our friend's house quite early in the morning, while he was baking banana bread with his son, filling the house with an inviting and inspiring smell!
One single flash was used to create this photo, placed in front of us, just to light up the whole scene.
We used our Canon EOS R camera with a Sigma 50 mm 1.4 Art lens, as well as a Godox AD600 flash.
When developing the concept, Carolyn imagined a scene in the style of Norman Rockwell, that amazing artist who always created scenes of the everyday life, with ordinary people and a little touch of humor. We love his work and paying tribute to him would have been such a pleasure! But as research progressed, holiday advertisements from the 50s came to influence the final concept, as Carolyn realized that at that time, "spoiling" his wife with household appliances that would make daily work easier, was the ultimate "kind attention" towards the housewife. Today, it would be somewhat shocking, but in those days, it was pure luxury for these women! And it was precisely this aspect of the huge stereotype that reigned in those years that we wanted to put in the spotlight, to disturb some, and make others smile! How much progress has been made since then, and it is such a good thing.
Some details of the decor has been modified with Photoshop to give even more a style of the 50’s to the room. Otherwise, only a few adjustments in the shades have been made to give this vintage finish necessary to make the scene credible.
In my camera bag
We always have our Canon 24-105 mm, a Tamron wide angle, a Sigma 50 mm 1.4 Art, a Canon 50 mm Macro, a trigger Godox, and extra batteries!
The fact of not taking yourself too seriously, while working very hard in order to think of all the details (because yes, by the way, the fact that the wife was sitting directly on the train rail was intentional ! ????), will help you enhance your work. In photos, you have to go beyond logic, even if it will make everyone talk. This is what gives the particular aspect to an image, like a touch of unrealism that transports us out of our daily life. Do not remain confined within the frameworks imposed by all, otherwise, you will go completely unnoticed. And why not shake people up a bit by creating images that can be disturbing, while remaining in something that has class, of course. This photo, once presented to the public, went viral. Everyone was talking about it on social medias. Some were reminiscing about that time they knew (and for which they knew that was how things generally were at that time), some protested at the sexism of the story told, and others used a lot of humor by adding their little comment ("I think the husband is going to sleep on the couch tonight!"). Other people even recreated our photo themselves, in their own way, and when that happens, it's a sign that what we was created is inspiring and that's quite an honor! Have fun doing what you do, but also take pleasure in being disciplined, working on each element meticulously, and preparing well before doing the photoshoot, as if you were professionals. Because one day or another, you will be considered as such if your portfolio is well thought out, original, and impeccable.

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