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Kubuswoningen by Piet Blom, Overblaak Street, Rotterdam.





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KonczTibor84 Platinum
KonczTibor84 December 15, 2021
These photos of yours of these houses... You literally make me wanna go there and see them for myself. :) Great shot. :)
davidscottrobson PRO
davidscottrobson December 15, 2021
Thanks - Rotterdam's a great city to visit - would recommend it.
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Behind The Lens

In Overblaak Street, Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.
Around midday. Unfortunately I was only in Rotterdam for a short trip so couldn't choose the time/lighting.
It was natural lighting - as it was midday on a very bright & sunny day, it was difficult to expose so the sky wasn't blown out or the Cube Houses were too dark because of the contrast.
Sony A7R II & a Sony 16-35mm f/4. It was shot handheld without a flash.
The Netherlands is an amazing country for achitecture and I'd always admired Piet Blom's work so a trip to Rotterdam provided the ideal opportunity to visit the Kubuswoningen.
Post processing was fairly minimal - I had to drop the highlights as the sun was bright and reflecting off the surfaces. I also applied a small amount of sharpening & straightening as it was handheld & looking up from a very low vantage point which made it tricky to get a clean shot.
In my camera bag
When doing city breaks, I try to travel light so I generally use a Domke F2 with: a Sony A7R IV, a Sony 24-105mm f/4, a Sony 16-35mm F/4 (or a Sony 20mm F/2), 4-6 Sony Batteries & spare SD cards. I also carry a 3legged Thing 'Brian' tripod (in a seperate carry bag) as it's the lightest/most compact but stable tripod I have at a folded length of 35cm. Occassionally I'll bring a Leica M & a 28mm lens for street photography.
Don't just look in front - look all around you (and up) - it often adds to an image by looking at the subject from a different perspective, or simply by just looking at an aspect or detail of the subject rather than the subject as a whole. Also think about negative space - in this photo, it's the empty sky in the centre that shapes the image. As most times, I've never been to these places before so I find it helpful to scout the location using apps like Google Streetview and websites that provide guides to photography locations, and print off maps so I know how to get to a spot - I don't live at these locations and I usually travel with my family, so I don't have time to search for good photo spots - so doing a bit of desktop reconnaisance is hugely useful. Be patient - there are always people/tourists is these sorts of places - give them time to do their thing as they've as much right to be there as you, and try to get the shot when it becomes quieter. Alternatively, go early in the moring when fewer people will be around (I didn't get the opportunity on this occasion as it was a family trip, but heading out pre-dawn often helps). You can also incorporate people into the photo; to give it context.

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