There are currently 25.4 million people with refugee status globally. This number does not count the 3.1 million asylum-seekers or the over 40 million internall...
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There are currently 25.4 million people with refugee status globally. This number does not count the 3.1 million asylum-seekers or the over 40 million internally displaced people in the world. All together, that is 68.5 million people in the world forced from their homes, according to the UN Refugee Agency .
Many are in camps, surrounded by wire fences, unwanted by the country they have fled to, and treated as prisoners, unable to create a new life, yet unable to return to their homes and loved ones. Try to remember that many of us live in countries that have suffered large scale exodus due to war, and or, political strife. Our past generations settled in new lands, and in general, were treated far more humanely than we are currently treating these people. If this is progress, then the future looks bleak.
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samhumphreys November 15, 2021
tonibeser Platinum
tonibeser November 15, 2021
xoniuelo Platinum
xoniuelo November 15, 2021
Gracias Toni
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal November 16, 2021
Daisy00 November 28, 2021
It's tragic and heartbreaking....
xoniuelo Platinum
xoniuelo November 28, 2021
The photo in the image, is of my mother. During WW2, she, like most children in Liverpool, was evacuated to Wales, until the conflict was over. They were embraced by the Welsh community, and cared for as if they were their own. These children. left their homes and loved ones, never knowing if they would see them again. Fortunately, in most cases, they did, but their situation is comparable to that of these poor people now, The difference, is that they struggle to find a community that will welcome them.
ArturV December 16, 2021
Great idea!
Daisy00 December 27, 2021
Congratulations xani for your well deserved award!!😁
jaimeezeidman Jan 21
slayed my heart
GayleLucci Platinum
GayleLucci Apr 12
POWERFUL...Thank you for sharing this. It touches me deeply!

Behind The Lens

I took this photo in a recently abandoned orange grove near my home. The trees had all been uprooted, and as a result I had a clear sky beyond the fence, which was vital for the image I had in mind.
Early afternoon, so the sun was still quite high, and I was able to avoid shadows impinging on the subject matter.
To be honest, I had originally wanted to do this with a clouded background, in order to create a more dramatic effect. I took a few shots a week earlier (two of which are in my gallery), but I came to the conclusion that a bright sky would create a greater contrast with the b&w photo, and highlight the desperate groping arm.
Canon 4000D and tripod. Plus a rose from my mates garden :)
My mother was evacuated to Wales during WW2, like most children from Liverpool. None of these children had the certainty of seeing their loved ones again, and the parents they left behind must have suffered an unimaginable trauma. The local communities in Wales welcomed them, and cared for them as though they were their own. When I see news about refugees, or simple people forced from their homes due to political turmoil or war, I inevitably remember the plight of my mother and grandparents, and am chilled by the fact that few of these poor people recieve the welcome or care that my mother recieved.
I did a little basic editing, colour, contrast, and a little straightening of the image, but that is it. Nothing important.
In my camera bag
My two cameras, both Canon, (the second of which is a PowerShot, a drastically underrated piece of equipment, which I fall back on many times. The zoom alone makes it worth carrying), a tripod, several lenses ( most of which will need dusting if I ever decide to use them), and a lens cleaning cloth,
In this particular type of image, I find that it is important to avoid anything that could draw attention away from the subject, and to allow plenty of space to frame the subject, emphasising it´s impact.

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