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Shot on phone - Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Shot on phone - Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
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Serafima_S Oct 08
A beautiful perspective!
BandRPhotos PRO
BandRPhotos Oct 16
this is stunning

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Melbourne, at Docklands. Taken along the Yarra River on my walk home.
It was a lovely day, colorful and cloudy. The photo was taken around 5pm. Which at the time this was taken would have been a little while before the sunset. I happened to passing through there on my way home at the right moment, since shortly after it got dark and the colorful day went away for the night.
Soft glowing light, it was a nice winter's evening captured at the right moment. \
This is one of the very few photos where I did not actually use my camera. This was taken on my new phone. The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. I love the lenses and the photo quality this phone offers. It has allowed me to explore a new side to photography, especially on the occasions where I don't have my camera and gear with me.
This is the area where I live. It is always beautiful and I enjoy sharing the different scenes of this area. Naturally, while walking home and noticing the perfect lighting and scene, I had to snap this photo to share with my friends and followers.
I did some post-processing on the phone after taking the photo. Mainly added saturation and vibrancy to the image. Then muted it slightly to add a nice tone with a little fade. Final step in the process was to fine-tune the colors to create this resulting photo.
In my camera bag
In this instance, I did not use any camera gear and took the photo with my phone. I am certainly pleased to now have a new phone which includes an incredible camera set up. But normally, I do carry my camera equipment. Besides my phone, I have my Fujifilm XT3. I love to shoot with manual lenses, so most photos I take are with manual lenses. Very few are with auto lenses. The lenses in my bag are: Samyang 135mm F2 Viltrox 85mm F1.8 Helios 44m 58mm F2 Pentax Takumar 58mm F2 Kamlan 28mm F1.4 Fujinon 35mm F2 Fujinon 16mm F1.4
Never be afraid of what gear and equipment is available. All cameras, and phones are capable of taking incredible photos. The best advice is to learn the systems and the settings and the procedures for taking photos. All that knowledge, will allow a user to capture photos using any system. And the best way to learn all of that, is by experimenting. Take repeat photos of the same subject. Different lighting, different times, different processing, different angles. Understanding the results allows a person to create with a result in mind, therefore bringing concepts to life.

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