The Golden Girl

taken during a photoshoot

taken during a photoshoot
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in the Museum of Philippine Economic History, in our hometown Iloilo City, during the first photo shoot that I joined. I am an amateur and a self-taught photographer. This is just my newly discovered hobby.
This photo is one of my fave shots taken that day. I was so excited to be invited by a renowned photographer and join my first photo shoot together with some known local photographers. This particular photo as far as I can remember was probably taken between 2 o'clock - 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
As we were inside a historical museum during this shoot, camera lights were prohibited. The model was standing by the window to have natural lights as much as possible. The lights coming from the window helped me and other photographers in taking great photos of this equally great model.
This shot was taken with a Canon EOS 30D and Canon Macro Lens 100mm. No other equipment was used.
I saw this particular picture of a girl taken by one of the renowned photographers, who also happened to lead this photo shoot that I really love. This photo showed the beautiful eye of the model, thus it inspired me to take a similar shot where the model covered one of her eyes. With the golden head and hand accessories, this shot is fitting for it shows the model's captivating eye.
I love taking photos of beautiful landscapes, flowers, sunsets and sunrises and pictures of people but unfortunately, post-processing is my weakness, though I really want to learn how to do this for I know it will enhance my shots more. So, no I didn't do much post-processing on this one.
In my camera bag
The only DSLR I have is my Canon EOS 30D and a Canon Macro Lens 100mm. Hopefully I can get a new set of camera, soon so I can also improve my skills. As of now, I also use my cellphone to get some shots.
Working with a model is entirely different when taking a landscape or still photographs. For me, establishing rapport with our model is a priority so once the shoot begins there will be a connection between the two of you and this will help a lot with the flow of the work. Thus, before we begin, it would be nice to know our model a bit, a chat would help ease the atmosphere and bridge the connection to get the shots we are aiming for. Lightning, positioning, poses will follow through. Enjoy the moment!

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