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Faces Fade no. 2

I don't remember the shape of your eyes or the contour of your lips, but I remember the soft feeling of your warm breath blowing against my skin....
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I don't remember the shape of your eyes or the contour of your lips, but I remember the soft feeling of your warm breath blowing against my skin.
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Behind The Lens

This photo of a Buddha bust was taken on a window sill in my home. I am a self-taught photographer with extensive experience in Film & Television Production & Arts Administration so I am always finding new & creative ways to express my inner thoughts & emotions.
This photo is a great example of how I like to let photos sit for a bit before I edit them. This photo was taken September 18th 2020 at 7:00PM, edited in July & August 2021 & is part of a 3 photo series exploring memory, loss & what we remember on an emotional level. The other photos in this series can be found in my Viewbug gallery.
I wanted the photo to be minimal, abstract & faded the way memories & emotions abstract & fade with time, so I waited for soft diffused light to break through my deep window sill. I over expose the photo by a few stops to help the light abstract the the Buddha's face.
This was shot on a Canon 1DX MK II with a 27-70mm f4 macro lens. No other equipment was involved.
I wanted to connect with a few feelings & memories I was having about people & loved ones from my past. Some of these people are still here with me & some have left for one reason or another. I was inspired by a sense of spirituality that sometimes comes with nostalgia so I set out to capture the Buddha bust in a light that I associate with memories & dreams - morning light.
This photo is part of a 3 photo series & I wanted each photo in the series to have a slightly different color & tone so I changed the tint, color & white balance of each photo. The 1st photo in the series is in black & white, this photo has a warm yellow tone & the final photo has a cool blue tone.
In my camera bag
I like to switch between full frame digital, 35mm film & medium format film so I often interchange what is in my bag but for this type of photoshoot, I normally pack a 1DX MK II my trusty 24-70mm f4 macro lens which is my favorite go-to versatile lens - I can get super close, go fairly wide & also shoot a beautiful portrait if I need. It is a lens that allows me to explore a wide range of emotion in the moment.
If you are trying to capture something emotional, don't try to force or contrive the emotion - let the emotion come to you. Keep your equipment flexible so you can move around & change frames with ease, as the emotion & inspiration strike you. Connect with what you are trying to convey & use your sense of creativity & aesthetics to express yourself authentically.

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