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SigurbergurArnason Platinum
Perfect portrait..... great composition and so well ballanced. 😀
DAsEye Sep 06
A well executed portrait
redabelarbia Sep 06
The picture is really well done and the lady is soooo beautiful !👍🏻
IvorW Sep 17
This is a beautiful photo, lighting is fantastic

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in our dining room, in the Whitsundays, Australia
The photograph was taken in the late morning, with a lot of light coming through a large window opposite the model.
I used the ambient light from the large window, and also a Godox V1 flash which I pointed at the white ceiling above, this helped fill any grey areas on the models' skin.
I used my Nikon D850 with a 85mm prime lens, the setting was: aperture f1.8 shutter speed 800, ISO 800. The flash I used was on camera pointed at the ceiling, it was a Godox V1.
I was inspired by another photograph I saw of an elderly man with a table in the foreground. I really liked the colour scheme which was predominately black, grey and brown. I wanted to try this colour scheme as usually I am drawn to very vibrant colours and liked the challenge of making a neutral scheme that is still captivating. My daughter was also my inspiration, she is a seasoned model at age 11, and came up with this pose quite naturally herself, the lollipop was not intended to be in the picture, however, it added something to the composition when compared to the photos without her lollipop. I also liked the way the buttons created a visual lead around the picture to the table reflection.
In post-processing I turned my highlights down on the models' skin, I also added some contrast and tweaked the browns to look a little bit richer.
In my camera bag
I normally have my Nikon D850, my 85mm lens, my current favourite, spare sd cards and sometimes a mini tripod, in case I am out in the landscape. I don't generally use a tripod for portraits, as I like to move around and change my composition quite a lot.
To create something similar, restrict the colours in the photos to about three main tones, keep the models clothing very simple, use a table with a sheen to get some reflections, or another reflective surface could also be interesting. Make sure your background is very simple also, and free of distractions, then all you need to do is light your model well and pay attention to the details in the pose. Add some contrast in post and enrich your colours a small amount, and happy shooting!

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