Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in Derventa

Foto by
Ljubinko S. Tadic

Foto by
Ljubinko S. Tadic
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in the town of Derventa, in Republika Srpska. Republika Srpska is an entity of the Serbian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The town of Derventa is located in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the valley of the rivers Ukrina and Sava. A new Orthodox church was built in the city's central square after Muslim-Croat military units blew up the old Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary during the 1992-1996 civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the day this photo was taken, the new temple was consecrated (August 29, 2010).
The photo was taken on August 29, 2010 in the morning (10.16 am). The sun was relatively low in the east, and I took up a position approximately on the north-east side of the temple.
The building was new and one can notice the reflection of sunlight on the new copper roof and on the crosses. It was this reflection of the sunlight on the copper roof that motivated me to make this shot from the altar side of the temple.
I used a Sony DSC-H50 camera to take this photo. This camera has an integrated Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar lens. I did not use a tripod or flash. I took the photo from my hand using the angle below.
The main inspiration for this photo is happiness and admiration for the construction of a new and magnificent temple, which is dedicated to the Most Holy Mother of God, but to all the victims of my people in the recent civil war in BiH. In addition, the inspiration was the very beautiful and interesting architecture of this Temple.Observing the object of filming, I decided to show all the beauty of the architecture of the Temple from this position, from the north-east side, and using the lower angle of filming. The time of day also contributed to everything, because from that side the sun shone on the Temple at a sharp angle, so there was enough diffused light for my lens. With the beauty of architecture, the symmetry of cascading walls and roof, ... the idea was to evoke the rise of the Temple and the dominant bell tower towards the firmament and the symbolic connection of us on earth with the heavenly church and our saints and ancestors.
I have already said in one place that I am not a fan of post-processing shots and that I appreciate more the photo as it was taken at the time of shooting. There was no post-processing and filtering here. I don't even have any special tools for post-processing photos. At the time of taking this photo, the Sony camera was new and I didn’t even have a memory card, so the camera’s internal memory was used, which is very poor. The size of this photo is 357 kB.
In my camera bag
My photography equipment is, already mentioned, Sony DSC-H50, 9.1 mega-pixels, 15 x optical zoom, 4 GB Pro Duo memory card (the camera is older and uses this type of memory, which is also obsolete), 3 inch display, with integrated flash. The lens is Carl Zeiss, 2.7-45 / 5.2-78. Most of the photos posted on my profile were taken with this camera. In addition to the Sony camera, I often use the Canon Power Shot SX400 IS camera, 16.0 mega pixels, HD 30 x optical zoom, integrated flash, integrated Canon Zoom Lens 30x lens; 4.3-129.0 mm 1: 3.4-5.8. One part of the good photos is on my profile, and they were taken with the help of a Canon camera. And, finally, I sometimes use a Samsung GT-18262 mobile phone, also of older production and with a simple camera. However, there are 2-3 photos on the profile, two of which are highly accepted by Wiewbug members and have a lot of like and per award.
I’m not too adept at sharing advice. I have a lot of experience and proportionate knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, I'm a bad teacher ...;) I am primarily a fan of analog cameras and analog photography, where skill and craftsmanship in film and photography come to the fore. I love photography of the moment, ... I tend to capture at the right moment what is happening in my environment. I love unusual shooting angles. In this photo you can see that I want to convey the beauty of the temple from the lower angle ... from a "frog perspective" and, in addition, symmetrically show the cascades on the walls and roof, as well as the reflection of sunlight. I would recommend everyone to follow their heart and decide in a moment what and how to take photos.And to always choose different angles and different types of motifs, to avoid monotony in his photographs.

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