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What do you see ?

What do you see ?

What do you see ?
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risanamasingi Feb 11
Cool shot

Behind The Lens

Fall is my best season and this is a typical Germany outdoor wood shoot with a beautiful fall colour backdrop. Taking a walk into the wood is typical here in Germany and its one more reason I love it here. You should be here :)
Cast weather is something I look forward to anytime I have the opportunity to shoot. I try to stay away from rain, sunshine and that means I got to plan carefully to ensure optimal soft light condition. Shooting natural light is awesome and best time for me is before noon or before eve. This time I went into to shoot late light of the day. It was about 4:30 pm
I love to shoot natural light. For this image I brought in a mobil ring light. You can spot the rear light on her hair and was used to create some separation.
My Canon 5DMK III is over 5years old and its been with me like forever.
Portrait should give the viewer some room for interpretation. I was inspired by the viewer quest for privacy, attention, happiness, love and appetite for a better world. I am inspired to share the most valuable part of me to you.
Not much was done here. LR did the job here with a few movement of colour slide, highlights, shadows and sharpness. Spending hours editing an image will not make any image better than it already is.
In my camera bag
Canon 5D MK III and 85mm f1.2 is a must to have in my bag. Nothing more
The best images are created when you listen enough to your heart. Listen more to yourself and create what you feel an oppose to a presumed status quo.

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