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Happy National Lasagna Day!!

Sunday Brunch:)) placed them randomly

Sunday Brunch:)) placed them randomly
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Hprue Ultimate
Hprue December 14, 2020
Oh, I love lasagna. This really looks good!
Daisy00 PRO+
Daisy00 December 14, 2020
Thanks so much kindly, Herb:)) p/s - ha, I misspelled Lasagna, thanks for letting me know:))
chuckmyer PRO+
chuckmyer December 14, 2020
Daisy, so inviting, count me in!!!
Daisy00 PRO+
Daisy00 December 14, 2020
C'mon in, Chuck!! I've still got plenty of Lasagna:)))
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal December 14, 2020
Wow, that's look very neat and delicious.
Daisy00 PRO+
Daisy00 December 14, 2020
Wanna join me?
Arzhtatiana December 16, 2020
It looks appetizingly, Daisy!
iani Platinum
iani December 23, 2020
wideopenspaces January 19, 2021
Oh I am so hungry now !!! Great pictures are meant to inspire the viewer, lol. So thank you for making me so Hungry, LOL. Are you thinking of opening a restaurant ? If so, I would I would like to make a reservation if all your cooking looks like this.
Daisy00 PRO+
Daisy00 January 22, 2021
Go to Little Italy, they make the best classic Lasagna ever!!
estercastillo08 June 07, 2021
Nice presentation , , voted Food and Drinks
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