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Don't Tick Off a Witch

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Don't ever tick off a witch. You never know the power she possesses.

Don't ever tick off a witch. You never know the power she possesses.
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sundowngaited PRO+
sundowngaited September 29, 2020
These are amazing! I admire the time and effort it must have taken. I also like the realism of your subject
andinorwich January 01, 2021
it took me about 4 hours to get this pic to where I was satisfied with it. The smoke out of the lantern is real, as is her hair color. I added color to the lighting behind, and a bit of smoke to create a forest fire feel. This particular model is one of my besties and she loves when i get an idea in my head. she's always game to work on my whims.
AW_Images21 January 01, 2021
fantastic great shot those eyes wow
andinorwich January 01, 2021
Yea I worked on those a minute. I love how they stare at ya no matter which way you go
tysonator July 22, 2022
wonderful composition, atmosphere, and editing, veryvwell done
andinorwich July 22, 2022
Thank you. I very much enjoy the spooky/creepy, so this one sang to me.
asaadhisham2010 November 30, 2022
beautiferapy Jan 16
That is so frickin cool; well done!!
Maple-2103 Ultimate
Maple-2103 Jan 17
Fantastic Creation! You are very creative! I am so happy you have a friend that gets into the creative with you! She looks amazing!!!!!!
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Behind The Lens


Katy Trail State Park - St. Charles, Missouri North Trailhead. The model and I met up at this park, and walked just about 200 feet into the trailhead when we found the perfect spot, just off the trail. The setting was perfect


This photo was taken around mid afternoon, and in late summer/early autumn. The weather was fantastic.


I used natural lighting as well as my Godox TT685IIS. During this photo session, I did utilize a reflector depending on which way I had the model facing.


I used a Sony a6400 with a Sigma 56mm f/1.4 lens, as well as my Godox TT685IIS Speedlite.


The model and I had created many themed photo sessions like this. She and I are both creative people and would come up with various themes upon what costumes/outfits she possessed at the time. Since this was around the Halloween, we wanted to come up with a Witchy feel. I had also started working with smoke bombs and Piper, the model, is always so adventurous and up for any experiments and creative ventures to feed the artistic soul.


Post processing? pfftt, of course not (cough cough). OF COURSE THERE IS POST PROCESSING! That's part of the fun! I love taking my photos beyond just the photo itself, or traditional post-processing. I love making art pieces out of a lot of my photos, especially with themed photo sessions. I have about 20-30 different layers of various opacity. I use Photoshop and Luminar NEO for my processing. I do have Topaz Labs as well (that I have used for other photos), but didn't use for this photo. I have some overlays of smoke from other photos from this session to help scale up the smoke effect that was on the original photo. I darkened the background and added a slight glow, as if the forest was on fire. I took her skin tone down to a more opalescent tone and I also lightened her eyes. I also updated her eye makeup to bring focus back to her eyes

In my camera bag

I still have my Sony a6400. I have a Sony 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 OSS APS-C E-Mount Zoom Lens, a Sigma 56mm f/1.4, and a Sigma 16mm f/1.4 lens. (I'm looking into the last Sigma 30mm f/1.4 as well as the Sigma 28-70mm F2.8. I'm a totes Sigma fan). I also have the Godox TT685IIS Speedlite. I have a Gobe 55mm ND1000 (10 Stop) ND Lens Filter as well.


First and foremost, find a model that is willing to be creative with you. It makes a world of difference in the shots you will get. We used smoke tubes from the local discount fireworks outlet (I believe I picked them up around the 4th of July at a steal, and saved them for shoots), some thriftstore decor (lanterns, etc), and the dress and makeup. The rest was post edit Don't be afraid to try new things. I watch a TON of YouTube tutorial videos, scan through Viewbug and Pinterest for ideas all of the time. I try things out and I tweak where I need to. Anything from the photography itself, to the post editing.

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