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Red Flower Pop

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A pop of color

A pop of color
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Behind The Lens


On a fall hike through the woods in central Indiana this beautiful red flower was blossoming among the tall green grasses.


This photograph was captured in the early afternoon hours when the sun was shining bright in the sky and casting a ray of light on the red flower and the surrounding grasses and plants.


I was fortunate to have the natural sunlight just casting perfectly in the blue sky above as this photograph was captured. I did not use any additional equipment or tools in order to enhance or adjust the lighting in this photograph.


This was shot on a Canon Rebel XS on the TV setting. I used a standard lens with manual focus in order to capture this flower. It is amazing to see what can be captured from a standard lens and camera with the right settings and lighting.


I love to hike and find doing so as a freeing experience. Taking my camera and photography equipment along always helps open my eyes to the little gems that are in nature that many people so often overlook. The red flower captured caught my attention as it was blooming in a field of tall yellow-green grass. I am inspired my nature and the beauty hidden within.


In capturing and editing this photograph I was fortunate in the sense that I did not need to spend a vast amount of time altering and editing the image in order to produce the results in the image.

In my camera bag

In my camera backpack I always have my Canon Rebel XS and standard lens. I then carry with me my fish eye lens, zoom lens, and a wide angle lens. There is also always my battery charger, a spare battery, and a micro-fiber cleaning cloth in my camera bag. I never know what I will come upon as I am out for an adventure with my camera. When I travel I sometimes pack my tripod as well.


Nature is amazing and as one goes out to explore nature, I would recommend to keep your eyes open, slow down, and take time to notice what may be right in front of you. I also typically capture multiple of the same shot (sometimes adjusting the settings and/or lens) in order to work to capture an image that I like and captures what I am looking for. I would recommend taking multiple shots of the same subject in order to have a better chance of capturing an image that you are satisfied with, especially when visiting a place that you may not get a chance to go back to.

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