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stigfagerli PRO+
stigfagerli Nov 08
Fantastic foto kongrat with price .

Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in my native city Odessa in simple photostudio. Btw, Odessa in Ukraine, Ukraine in Europe :)
I remember this day as now, cause the sun was really so bright, and I was really happy cause that that was the middle of February 2020. We took this seria of pictures with model Nikita before the sunset. But, when nature light was over, we started to use impulsed light. The first part of idea was very sunny and yellow, and I called that part as "Leo" cause I associated that mood with the astrology sign Leo. This part you can also see on my profile page. This photo is from the second part, more calm with color palette and really with another mood and idea.
I really wanted to make this photo more artistic with fashion tone. The combination of nature light and impulsed light helped me in that. Sometimes it's kinda improvisation and I never scared about that. The more you doing unusual things and in that you are not sure, the more result is impressing.
This show was on Canon EOS 5D Mark II with Canon 50 mm/1.8 Lens. No other equipment was used.
When I saw Nikita-my model from this photo, I really understood that I want to shoot very human story about body and beauty and fashion. As I heard stories before, about his model career he is always misunderstood with a girl, cause he has a very androgenic beauty. For me, fashion photography more about art and less about clothes. And I am making the main part in photography is human and with clothes and accessories I can highlight details and mood. So with this photo called "Chanel" I am showing both sides of Nikita - the man and a woman. With combination of jacket and scarf and a half naked body, you can feel this edge of humanity and stereotypes. The beauty is more about fashion now, but the real beauty in "under the skin". And as you know, that Chanel is more women brand very iconic and classic, so now you can more feel about my ideas and maybe to find smth more about that for yourself without my explains.
I am always taking big attention to post-processing, I am not retouching bodies and skin, mostly, but I always making color correction in Lightroom with my presets, and changing smth every time for different projects. I am using mostly the same, cause I like when my photos are recognisable from others, and I am usually using split toning and correction with light and temperature.
In my camera bag
Now I am using 50 mm/1.4 Lens and that's my the main equipment.
Not to make big attention to what equipment others are using, cause you can do awesome stuff on different cameras and Lenses, and you don't have for that the top equipment. I am the example for that. :) The main - is idea and to love what are you doing. And with passion to photo you will do your best. Try, shoot and never give up.)

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