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The Art of Morning Coffee II

There's something about the ritual of my morning coffee that is grounding.

There's something about the ritual of my morning coffee that is grounding.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my living room in my apartment in Toronto.
This was taken in the early afternoon. I called it the Art of Morning Coffee but my morning is typically most people's afternoon. During this time of the day, the light is very nice in my living room, and I was sitting down with my coffee and felt inspired to capture it.
I used window light coming in from my East facing windows and set up a little area on my coffee table a few feet from the large windows. I wanted the lighting to feel soft and natural and feel reminiscent of the morning.
This was shot with a Nikon D850 and 35mm lens. No other equipment was used.
Since Covid hit it's changed my ability to work in my usual subject areas, so I had been trying to explore other things I could photograph at home that interested me. I did a week of shooting drinks, mostly cocktails as it was still warm at this time. But I love coffee, and when I sat down with my coffee that day I felt like I should try photographing it.
This image didn't require a lot of post-processing! I toned the image using Lightroom, and pulled it into Photoshop to clean up a few dust marks on the wood.
In my camera bag
I always have my Nikon D850 & 35mm lens. Those two items are pretty much always together, and I rarely make the decision to switch out lenses. Past this, I typically have a Polaroid camera with me, as I love to capture fun details or interesting shots if the mood strikes. But I tend to keep it simple when I shoot. My camera+lens combo has become my second set of eyes, so I don't feel the need to venture away from it very often.
For me, capturing this was about what coffee is for me, which is simplicity and relaxation. Clear out a small area to work in that isn't cluttered, and build the shot around your coffee. If you're hoping to get those natural bubbles in there like it was just poured, use a straw to blow a bunch of bubbles into the coffee. They won't last long, so you have to be quick, which is why I recommend having your shot set up how you want it, so you can blow your bubbles into the coffee and snap it quick before they go away!

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