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A young model stares at you with her hypnotic blue eyes

A young model stares at you with her hypnotic blue eyes
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Behind The Lens


The photo was taken in the Castle Chiaramonte of Siculiana, an ancient Arab castle was rebuilt in 1310, by order of Federico Chiaramonte. In 1311 Costanza, Federico Chiaramonte’s only daughter, celebrated in the castle her second marriage.


I remember that day as one of the hottest of last summer. My best friend and I took some photos for a shooting for an Atelier. The sky was clear and the light was too harsh all afternoon. I was not satisfied and decided to wait for the sunset, it was the right choice. Finally the light of that incredible sunset has enhanced face and hair of model Roxana. Her eyes were magnetic and sensual, bathed in that splendid light. This was taken on 8 August 2020 at 19.39.


I love this photo because I think it was taken at the perfect moment, golden hour in Siciy summer is the best light a photographer could wish for.


I used the Nikon D750 with my favorite lens: 50mm f / 1.4, I love its amazing bokeh, for me it is a must have. It already has good WO sharpness. I also used a speedlight.


I have looked at several photos of the best portraits of women on the web and on sites such as ViewBug and photographer communities


Usually I save the raw image. In this particular case I only crop to emphasize eyes of the model and export in jpeg.

In my camera bag

My first camera was a coolpix with simply manual control. In my opinion, the best equipment does not always mean great photos. Each shot must be planned and studied. I love night photography and in my bag there are always: a wide angle (less than 24mm) and fast (minimum f / 4) lens for landscapes, tripod, IR remote control, 50mm f / 1.4, stabilized tele zoom and ... a lot of patience.


I suggest you to plan the hour of shooting and choose an expressive model.

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