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Bears of Geographic Bay, Kodiak, Alaska.





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deekaycee Premium
deekaycee November 06, 2020
Great capture!
theodoresibusisosibeko November 07, 2020
Great shot
adiestiano PRO
adiestiano December 29, 2020

Behind The Lens

I attended a bear photo workshop in the Kodiak, Alaska area in August of this year. As a group we stayed on a private yacht and for the first few days photographed Alaskan brown bears in and around Geographic Bay, which is about an hour's float plane trip west of Kodiak.
Captured in early August of this year, the image was probably taken midday on a rainy and overcast weather day. Look closely and you can see the rain falling in the background. The salmon were not really running much yet, so every time we saw a bear jump in the water our cameras were clicking hoping for a fishing success.
It was a fairly gloomy, overcast and rainy day when this image was captured. The bears didn't seem to mind though. This was a momma bear of three small cubs. The cubs swam over to the bank for this fishing expedition, but we witnessed this same momma bear catch a second salmon that she shared half with the cubs.
I used a Canon 1DX Mark II and Tamron 159-600 lens for this shoot. The longer reach of the telephoto lens helped keep a safe distance from the subject.
I love seeing wildlife and trying to capture interesting images in nature. This trip was a very much anticipated workshop for the scenery, the wildlife and the interaction with several other photographers.
I use both Lightroom Classic and Photoshop for post-processing. Still learning and trying to improve my skillsets in both every time I run images through them.
In my camera bag
I have several Canon bodies, my favorites are the Canon 5D Mark IVs and 1DX Mark II. I also have and use a 5D Mark III and 5DSR. I usually keep a Canon 16-35MM lens, a Canon 24-105mm lens and the Tamron 150-600mm lens in the bag wherever I go. I also have several other lens of various focal lengths for different shoots.
I am just an amateur photographer having fun every time I go out. We've been fortunate in our travels to come across unexpected wildlife to photograph. Many times we take slower, less traveled back roads and just keep watching. It's surprising how many times an animal pops up from nowhere.

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