Empty Chamber





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AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta March 04, 2015
Terrific close-up. Congratulations on being Featured.
Remraf March 04, 2015
Great snap!
chuckrickman March 04, 2015
Wonderful creativity. Congrats on being featured.
thommorris March 04, 2015
Very provocative. Cold hard texture. Nice creation!
iceman2 March 04, 2015
Congratulation on being feature!
tetvet PRO+
tetvet March 04, 2015
nice close up, congrats
inbar March 04, 2015
Love it! Very unique :-)
DarkStarPhoto March 04, 2015
That is an excellent photo!
GKennedy March 04, 2015
Really nice lighting done here. Great detail in the close up.
robinhardi PRO
robinhardi March 04, 2015
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique.
lupine1972 March 04, 2015
Thank you everyone for the great comments, I really appreciate it.
scruffyherbert PRO+
scruffyherbert March 04, 2015
Excellent close up. Great lighting and a great choice of angle. Well done and congrats on the feature.
UnkleFrank PRO+
UnkleFrank March 04, 2015
Great perspective and use of light. Congrats.
sweetpea72 March 04, 2015
Fantastic shot... Congrats! ")
Naresh_Sonone March 05, 2015
Awesome macro
catini March 05, 2015
Great DOF and sharpness, congrats on your feature!
Rex-Pix March 05, 2015
Nice selective focus with wide aperture. Great lighting with even scratch marks visible
Rex-Pix March 05, 2015
Great subject. Despite the close-up, the shallow depth of field and great lighting with wide aperture in Hances the subjects features. Even the scratch marks are visible
RhondaMcD March 05, 2015
Wow, amazing composition. Congratulations.
lupine1972 March 05, 2015
Thanks again to everyone for the great comments and recognitions. I feel privileged and honored to even be in the company of such a group of remarkable and talented Photographers. Thank You
eozphotography March 05, 2015
What makes this picture unique is the invitation to think. It provokes the mind and makes us consider the nature of the Gun; to actually engage with it, through a profound intimacy. Superb!
dmeslinger March 05, 2015
Great composition, lighting, overall creativity. This picture is an excellent example that the camera doesn't make the photographer. Good job!
ctbugan PRO+
ctbugan March 07, 2015
This is an awesome close up.
Byronfairphotography PRO+
Byronfairphotography March 07, 2015
Sweet Macro,
ghphotouk PRO+
ghphotouk March 11, 2015
Now this is an amazing statement piece, cold steel, perfect lighting, thought provoking, and in many ways disturbing, just what art should be- thanks for sharing
GrandGT May 09, 2015
Really love this shot! Very smart