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Sunflower with tiny bees and beetle

This is one of my small sunflowers. It would be covered by tiny bees that were working away gathering pollen. A beetle was also visiting....
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This is one of my small sunflowers. It would be covered by tiny bees that were working away gathering pollen. A beetle was also visiting.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my backyard garden.
This was taken in the afternoon. I raise monarchs so I am always checking out my milkweed plants for eggs. As I walked around I was amazed to see these tiny bees on one of my small sunflowers. They were so busy and their saddlebags were full of bright yellow pollen. I ran into the house, grabbed my camera, and started shooting them. I am hoping that they will return this summer. They were so much fun to watch.
The sun was out allowing the sunflower and all the yellows to glow. It was magical.
I try to always have my iPhone in my pocket. For this photo, I used my phone because I could get close enough to take a burst of photos. This gives me the best chance to capture them without disturbing them. I also use an NX100 Samsung, tripod, and macro lens.
My grandson got me started raising monarch butterflies. This will be my 4th summer. As I looked for eggs, and tiny caterpillars I noticed a lot of activity around the small sunflowers. I got up and could not believe that they were covered with these tiny bees. I had my iPhone with me and took at least twenty photos: singles and bursts. I wanted to share the golden glow of the bees, the sunflower, and the day. I am so lucky to be surrounded by flowers and other creatures. I never know what I will find in the garden. I have discovered these tiny bees, hummingbird moths, and 3-inch long black oil beetles. Keep a phone or camera in your pocket. I know too well that if I have to run to grab my camera, the subject I want to shoot has either flown or crawled away.
Cropping and a little adjustment to the levels was all it needed.
In my camera bag
I keep a set of macro lenses, charger, extra camera battery, and a Samsung NX100 50-200 mm OIS telephoto lens. I keep a standard 20-50 mm Samsung NX lens on my camera.
Grow a garden, add a birdbath, some milkweed, and anything you think is beautiful. Move quietly, have access to a chair, small table, and the time to sit and take it all in. You will be amazed by what will come to you and your plants.

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