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IvorW PRO+
IvorW May 29
excellent picture, this is not an easy shot to take
Fame_Bright_Photography PRO
Brave choice of shooting angle!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at home in the garden.
It was about mid day but the light was too harsh so I had to block the light from the windows
I originally had the lighting coming through the door of the summer house but it was too harsh so it was blocked by sheets.
To get the effect that I was right in front of the dart I tied it with a piece of string to the ceiling of the summer house and used Photoshop to mask it out.
I'm inspired by Jordi Koalitic's shots and the creativity of them so I had a go at one of my own
I had the dart attached to a piece of string to give it the effect it was in flight and I used Photoshop to mask out the string to give it the illusion that I got the shot while it was in flight
In my camera bag
I normally have my 75 - 300mm lens, my 15 - 75mm and my 50mm lens along with a tripod.
It's a very easy illusion to do, you just need a rough knowledge of Photoshop to mask things out and something very thin to hold the object in place that'll be easier to edit out.

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