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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in my hometown Riga in Latvia. Me and my fiance like to take long walks around our neighborhood and this was one of those days. As we were walking I saw this barbed wire around some old fence and suddenly idea popped into my head and it was called "Break Free". I sad to my fiance that I need him as a model in this shot and that's how the photo was taken.
It was early spring evening around 5pm or 6pm.
Mainly I work with natural light. I love it. It's very important to understand the light, where is it coming from, how high is the light source, reflections of the light and so on, because we all know that photography is a drawing of the light. In this picture I used natural light. It was a cloudy day and time to time sunbeams came out from the clouds.
Camera: Canon 6D Lens: 50mm
It happened spontaneous and it was a place that inspired me. It happens to me very often...when I see places that catches my eye, my brain starts to generate ideas and it just happens like that. Just need to keep my mind and eyes open.
Yes, I always do post-processing. It's a big part of what makes the image unique. With post-processing I make image look just like I have imagined it in my head. I'm talking about color tones, contrasts and even manipulations. And I think that photo editing differentiates one photographer from another and it plays a big role in photography world. In this image I changed the color tone, contrast and worked with dodge and burn.
In my camera bag
I don't have a lot in my bag and it's really light. I have my canon 6D body with me, 50mm and 24-70mm lenses...that's it. I don't like to take heavy bags with me because it somehow disturbes me and takes away my attention from the moment. To me it's important to feel comfortable carrying photo bag especially when I go for long walks.
Keep your mind and eyes open. Stop, take a moment and look what's around you because even in insignificant things you can find the magic.

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