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going outside, beeing around people during corona time is not the safest ting to do. It is best to stay inside, keep distance and do exersises. So in the shadow...
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going outside, beeing around people during corona time is not the safest ting to do. It is best to stay inside, keep distance and do exersises. So in the shadow of a global pandamic, we still managed to go out on our bikes and engoy the sunlight.
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Winter Award 2020
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Behind The Lens

I took it during the first lockdown in my hometown, Boom. I wanted to capture the moment because a lot of people where aloud to go out for a walk or go on a bike trip. So it was crowded outside but everybody was very distance from each other.
It was the middle of summer and I think around noon so there was a lot of bright sunlight. I decided to go underground. Because of the bright light in the open sky and the dark tunnel, I was obliged to underexpose my photo so that I could photograph the cyclist, who was already in the bright sunlight.
see the question above.
I was on a bike and I used my canon 5D VI and mij Tamron 24-70 mm F2.8.
They architecture and the time where living in. I wanted a moody, heavy image but still structured. I love things like a frame in a frame so I saw that when I was in the funnel. So I waited until there was someone going out of the funnel because I did not dare to take pictures of peoples faces at the time. But I think it ads to the story in this case to have someone going into the light, away from the darkness. Thats what 2020 is like, a dark funnel where we want to get true and go back into the light.
I always do color grading. Thats my own stamp on the picture. To me, that feels like my creative own style and a way people can rekognise me as a photographer. I also had to lighten up the dark funnel a bit so you could see the graffiti a bit.
In my camera bag
My canon 5D VI, Tamron 24-70mm F2.8, Canon 85mm F1.2 and a flash. But I hardly switch lenses. I use the 85 for portraits.
If you want they exact shot, choose your spot, get all of your settings right and then wait for the right subject. If you want the concept, start exploring and feel what you feel in the moment, think what you need and what it could meen. visualize what the message could be in the environment your in and always, look for the light.

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